Beginners tournament: Results

January 23, 2012 in Events by matjhope

SWKA’s Beginners Tournament was played on Sunday, with new players from all over the region coming to play. A fantastic day was had by all, with special thanks to our Events Officer, Michelle, for all her sterling work. The standings of the day were:

Group One

1.       Bristol City

2.       Horfield

3.       Gloucester United

 Group Two

1.       Bristol Thunder Uni

2.       Exeter Uni

3.       Taunton

 Overall places

1.       Bristol Thunder Uni

2.       Bristol City

3.       Horfield

4.       Exeter Uni

5.       Gloucester United

6.       Taunton

Well played all!

SWKA Squad whittled down to 16

January 23, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The SWKA Squad has been whittled down to 16 players. Thanks to all those who have trialled and congratulations to all those selected. The selection of 16 is:

  • Mat Hope – Bristol City
  • Beth Bennett – Unaffiliated
  • Andy Nye – Bristol Thunder
  • Sam Febrey-  Bristol City
  • Martin Robertson – Horfield
  • Jo Futter – Bristol Thunder
  • Dan Thompson – Bristol Thunder
  • Rachael Edwards – Bristol City
  • Stu Hall – Gloucester Lions
  • Beth Ryan – Bristol Thunder
  • Zaf Jarrah – Bristol Thunder
  • Sophie Slater – Bristol University
  • Stewart Kettle – Bristol City
  • Alison White – Taunton Soul
  • Alan Martin – Exeter
  • Marie Harrison – Bristol City

‘Beginners’ tournament

January 19, 2012 in Events by matjhope

There is to be a ‘beginners’ tournament this Sunday, 22nd, at the City Academy Bristol.The tournament will run from 12.30pm to 3.00. Clubs are invited to enter teams composed of players who have been playing korfball for 18 months or less. Please contact SWKA’s Events Officer, Michelle Goodfellow ([email protected]) to enter a team.

SWKA vs Wales, take II

January 12, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

This Sunday (15th January), a SWKA Squad will face our old foes once again, the Wales National team, in a friendly match as preparation for the upcoming Inter Area tournament. The match will take place at the City Academy, Bristol, starting at 12.30pm. The squad to face Wales is:

Mat Hope, Bristol City

Zaf Jarrah, Bristol Thunder

Stewart Kettle, Bristol City

Phil Manavopoulos, Bristol Thunder

Andy Nye, Bristol Thunder

Rob Samm, Horfield


Rachael Edwards, Bristol City

Jo Futter, Bristol Thunder

Marie Harrison, Bristol City

Beth Ryan, Bristol Thunder

Sophie Slater, Bristol University

Ali White, Taunton Soul

Invitees to first SWKA Squad training session announced

January 6, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The players listed below have all been selected to participate in the forthcoming SWKA Squad training session at the City Academy in Bristol, on Sat 7th January, at 12pm.

Rich Cooper Bristol City
Stu Hall Gloucester Lions
Mat Hope Bristol City
Zaf Jarrah Bristol Thunder
Stuart Kettle Bristol City
Phil Manavopoulos Bristol Thunder
Alan Martin Exeter
Andy Nye Bristol Thunder
Martin Robertson Horfield
Rob Samms Horfield
Dan Thompson Bristol Thunder
Beth Bennett Unaffiliated
Kathy Burdett Horfield
Jenny Davis Bristol University
Rachael Edwards Bristol City
Hannah Evans Gloucester Lions
Sam Febrey Bristol City
Jo Futter Bristol Thunder
Marie Harrison Bristol City
Sianne Large Bristol Thunder
Heather Probert Horfield
Beth Ryan Bristol Thunder
Sophie Slater Bristol University
Alison White Taunton

Invitations for SWKA Squad Training Session sent out!

January 3, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

Members should keep an eye on your inboxes for an invitation to a SWKA Squad training sessions on Saturday 7th January, from 12-2pm, at the Bristol City Academy. The session is preparation for the EKA Inter Area tournament and will be run by guest coach, Beth Bennett.

Dates for SWKA Meetings

October 26, 2011 in Admin by matjhope

The dates for meetings of the Executive Officers and Executive Committee have been announced. Details of times and locations to be added shortly. Keep space in your diary!

Thursday 10th November: Executive Officers Meeting
Saturday 12th November: Executive Committee

Thursday 8th December: Executive Officers Meeting

Thursday 5th January: Executive Officers Meeting
Sunday 8th January: Executive Committee
Thursday 26th January: Executive Officers Meeting

Thursday 16th February: Executive Officers Meeting
Sunday 26th February: Executive Committee

Thursday 29th March: Executive Officers Meeting

Thursday 12th April: Executive Officers Meeting
Sunday 22nd April: Executive Committee

SWKA Squad to face Wales, September 24th 2011

September 24, 2011 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The SWKA Squad to face Wales in a  friendly match as part of the Welsh squad’s World Cup warm-up preparations has been announced.

The squad is:

Mat Hope (Bristol City), Andy Nye (Bristol Thunder), Phil Manavopolous (Bristol Thunder), Martin Robertson (Horfield), Rich Cooper (Bristol City), Rachael Edwards (Bristol City), Beth Ryan (Bristol Thunder), Sophie Slater (Bristol University), Jenny Davis (Bristol Uni), Hannah Cockerill (Bristol City) and Robyn Fowler (Gloucester Uni).

The match takes place at Cardiff University Sports Training Village, Talybont, Cardiff. The match starts at 2 pm.

New clubs for the SWKA 2011-2012 season!

September 9, 2011 in Clubs by matjhope

This season the SWKA welcomes three new clubs into the competition: Bristol Thunder, Gloucester University, and Exeter University. We are delighted to see our area growing so quickly and we wish them all the best in the coming season.

SWKA End of Season Awards, 2010-2011

September 9, 2011 in Awards by matjhope

Bow-ties and big smiles all round at the SWKA End of Season Awards

After a highly succesful and, frankly, exhausting end of season Super Saturday, the SWKA’s Annual End of Season Awards were held at the Port of Call in Bristol. Congratualtion to all those winners this year; very well deserved all round.

Winners of the SWKA’s Annual End of Season Awards, 2010-2011:

1st Team Awards:

Male MVP – Dan Thompson (Bristol Uni)
Female MVP – Sam Febrey (Bristol City)
Male Top Scorer – Stuart Hall (Gloucester Lions)
Female Top Scorer – Claire Chambers (Horfield)

League Winners – Bristol City
Runners Up – Taunton

2nd Team Awards:
Male MVP – Ben Groves (Taunton)
Female MVP – Michelle Goodfellow (Horfield)

Male Top Scorer – Mark Gittoes (Horfield)
Female Top Scorer – Michelle Goodfellow ( Horfield)

League Winners – Horfield
Runners Up – Bristol City

Other awards:

Most Improved Male – Neil Kempston (Bristol Uni)
Most Improved Female – Ali White ( Taunton)

3rd Team Winners – Gloucester Uni.

Ref of the Year—Neil Taylor

A big thanks must also go to Beth Ryan for her hard work in organising the awards and to the Port of Call for being so welcoming.