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Gloucester: Bristol

Gloucester 2013

After managing to avoid the long drive all season, 0730 beckoned for a trip to Gloucester.

The morning games went pretty well: beating the hosts 3-0, coming back from 3-0 to draw 3-3 against Bristol City and drawing 1-1 with one of the Cardiff teams.

However the reward for an unbeaten morning was an afternoon of hard games:
Our esteemed chairman, James, forgot to send an intelligence report on Birmingham City who scored many, very many, to our two.
Cardiff City are always a hard team to play and with seconds to go it was 4-4. I'm pretty sure Ferguson time was used for this game as the last throw of the match pretty much made it 5-4, not to us.
The final second group game saw us play really well, although I've always said "the score board lies"

All day Exeter City had really been Exe-field, and Horfield had really been playing as Horf-eter. The inevitable happened for the first round of knock out games. The race was on with Rob K and Horfield's Emily re-enacting a scene from Dragon's Den at Bristol Thunder's gazebo vying for the highest quality ringers. In a confusing game, as most of us had been team mates all day, the purple team (+ some blues) beat the green team (+ blue and + red).

That left us with one game to go, the 7th/8th play off against another team from Cardiff. Unfortunately Horfield were playing at the same time, but Birmingham's Andy, and Jo, who I have no idea who she plays for, came to the rescue. For the record, 2-0 up isn’t enough, and it ended 2-2, needing a penalty shoot out to decide. It ended 2-1 on penalties, which pretty much decides what we are doing at training on Tuesday (given a game I refereed was won 6-5 on penalties :) ).

We played really well all day - finishing a deserved 8th place.
Thanks to all our ringers!
The only thing I can’t report on is the level of hangover our Social Committee had after camping out overnight.

Squad - Rob K, Gav, Ian, Claire, Debs, Helen, many others


Bristol 2013

The Bristol tournament this year provided a whole range of challanging weather conditions for playing korfball in. The wind kept up for most of the day, which made shooting tricky and keeping up gazebos even harder!

For the first few matches the sun was out and the suncream on. We played Supernova 2 (who seemed to be mostly Bristol City), Thunder 1 and Cardiff dragons. These were all low scoring matches, which ended in draws.

Early on in the morning we gave up the fight with the gazebo, as the guy ropes did not reach the ground, it didn't stand a chance in the wind. Once the rain started we moved into the Reading Old Boys gazebo next door in a futile attempt to stay dry.

The next two games were played in the pouring rain. We lost both and narrowly avoided hyperthermia. The club house provided warmth and cakes to restore our spirts. After a few games of 'Guess Who', which Alex won with a dubious questioning method, we were ready to face the afternoon matches.

The first was against Bristol City. At full time it was a 0:0 draw, but we won 4:3 on penalties. That training paid off!
We then played Supernova 2 again, this time one of their divisions was actually Bristol thunder, but this time we bet them 2:1. We were then on a roll and also won our final game against Supernova 1.

We ended the day 17th out of 24! Thunder 1 went on to win the tournament - as we had held them to a draw earlier in the day - maybe we weren't as bad as our placing suggests??

Steve P, Rob K, Alex, James, Helen, Michelle, Hannah + various ringers



guess who


 Haribo and other essentials - a quick guide to tournaments

In the summer korfball moves outside as clubs across the region, and further afield, host friendly tournaments. 

What's involved?

Most tournaments start at 10am, so an early departure from Exeter on Saturday morning is on the cards to allow for traveling time. Tournaments vary in size from half a dozen teams to 25 or more. The number of teams taking part will influence how long each game lasts but typically they are 20-30 mins long - much shorter than a league match of 60 mins. How many games we play will also depend on the number of teams and the format of the competition. About 6 - 8 games seems average. If you're keen you will normally have no difficulty playing extra games for teams who are low on numbers, or as part of a 'scratch' side to replace a team which hasn't been able to show up, for whatever reason. There will also be a fair bit of time sitting off in between games. This may be spent nattering, eating Haribo sweets or watching the other teams, as personal preference dictates. Volunteers may also be required to referee.

At the end of the day there is almost always a BBQ followed by a disco/assorted revelry. A charge in the region of 5-10 may be made for attending the BBQ/social. Many people wisely chose to camp overnight if they're planning on having more than the odd drink.

Playing Outside

Playing outside is a little different to playing in a sports hall. The grass surface means that studded boots are a very good idea! If the grass is wet, then running-in shots can be difficult even with studs. Long shots will also be hard if there's any significant wind. As a result, games played outside are generally lower scoring than those inside. This means every goal counts during the game. However the pitches tend to be larger outside (the proper size for a korfball pitch is 40m x 20m which is rarely achievable in a UK sports hall) so there is more space to escape your defender, if you can use it.

What should I bring?

  • Studded boots (astro-turf football boots are fine)
  • Lunch and snacks (better to have too much than not enough)
  • Drink (at least a litre)
  • Money for social or snacks during the day
  • Suncream
  • Waterproof
  • Warm clothing
  • Rubbish bag
  • Towel and shower stuff
  • Clean clothes for social / traveling back
  • Book / iPod / camera
  • Camping kit + torch if staying overnight
  • Petrol money for whoever gave you a lift
  • Rug / camp chair
  • Energy replacement tablets (Haribo sweets or Jelly babies seem to work particularly well. High level research is continuing into yogurt covered raisins...)
What does it cost?

If you pay your club fees by direct debit you are entitled to free entry in the tournaments listed at the top of the page . If you are on pay-as-you-go, please see the club treasurer; the cost is likely to be about 4 per event.

Understanding the Format

No one seems to understand tournament formats, including the people organising them. Often however there will be a series of group matches played in the morning with the results of that initial stage informing the fixtures in a second group stage or a knock out stage, or both, in the afternoon. This means that the afternoon games are generally more competitive and evenly matched, as inexperienced teams are less likely to meet experienced ones. The semi-finals and final are usually played as knock outs.


Well why not? Tournaments are a great way to feel part of the sport, meet other korfers and play as many games as your legs will take in the fresh air.  Plus there's beer afterwards!