'Three - One' formation   

 Coach's Notes
So here is the video I promised. Not the one I originally intended to circulate but as some people have seen that before I thought I'd look for a new one. I have wittered on a bit with some extraneous stuff in case there are things people would like to refer back to but the important bit is highlighted in red.

We've talked before about 2-2 being an important position in Korfball. 2-2 means that two attackers are under the post (one Feeding and one Collecting) and the other two are out in the court ready to take long shots or running in shots. It's very difficult for the defence to prevent scoring opportunities. They would like to mark their attackers tightly to stop long shots since any taken are likely to be collected. If they do that they risk being run around for a successful running in shot since there is a Feed in place with the ball. To make sure they are not run around the defence would like to hang back away from their attackers but now that means the attackers can take comfortable and balanced long shots, increasing their success rate.

The two moves we have practised recently relate to obtaining this 2-2 position. Beginning from 4-0 if an attacker goes to the post the defence have to either give them a Feeding position or a Collecting position. If we start with a Feed in place we use the walk around technique to obtain a Collect. If we start with a Collect in place we play in a triangle around the post with long shots being taken if the defence hang off and with the point of the triangle coming in to obtain the Feed if the defence mark tightly.

Really everything that relates to our recent session can be found at 2.35 and 2.50. That is the structure of the 3-1 attack, the attack trying to obtain and the defence trying to prevent 2-2, and an option for the attack when the defence are successful in stopping a Feed coming in.

0.00 We start, handily enough, with the 3-1 triangle. There is a Collect under the post and the players maintain a triangle around it. Notice how tight the defenders are when the attackers receive the ball. Because there is a collect they are trying to prevent any long shots. The goal is finally scored because of a mistake by the Belgian player front defending under the post. He fails to maintain his position on the ball line ie. he does not keep between his attacker and the ball. This allows the girl attacker to use the Collect as a Feed also. Her defender who continues the tactic of preventing long shots by rushing out is easily run around.

2.22 Female Belgian defender tries first to stop her attacker getting a Feed position but fails. The attack therefore have a 2-2. This is the kind of defending we were talking about. When there is a Collect try not to allow a Feed. As soon as the ball is passed out from the Feed the defender sensibly cuts around. The attack now effectively have two Collects. The boy therefore leaves immediately and the female defender demonstrates what happens when you front defend but don't stay on that ball line.

2.35 The next attack is another example of 3-1 with the girl coming from behind the post into Feed, giving her boy attacker two options; long shot since there is a Collect or running in shot since there is a Feed.

2.50 Couldn't have been better scripted to demonstrate the defence and the drop off shot. The Dutch defender prevents her attacker from coming in to Feed. The attacker responds by darting away for a nice long shot. Notice there is no pressure from the defence on the boy making the long pass so the female defender is not protected from it.

3.12 From watching a few of these videos I noticed something that I'm sure I never do but certainly ought to. We have a boy in Feed. He passes the ball out and as soon as he sees that the attacker has chosen to take a long shot he recognises that his Feed position is now worthless and moves away from the post ready to recover any rebound that falls his way or receive a pass if the Collect obtains possession. This is probably better than watching gormlessly to see if a goal is scored as I do.

6.29 An example of the block at the post we have previously looked at. We start in 3-1 just as a shot is collected by the boy under the post. This transforms him into a Feed. A girl comes into a position where he can pass the ball to her and walk around her to become a Collect again. The ball is passed out the moment the Collect has obtained his position and before he can have it taken away from him and you will see how the girl fights to maintain her Feed position rather than standing passively.

7.36 When you have mixed genders under the post it is always the case that defenders can switch to try to prevent a running in shot. The solution is for the runner in to pass the ball to the no longer defended attacker for a long shot close to the post, which is done rather niftily here.

Sept '11