League   Season 2017/18

South West Korfball League

During the winter months we play in the South West Korfball League ('SWKL'), competing against  Exeter University,Taunton Soul, Bristol University, Bristol City, Horfield (from Bristol), Bristol Thunder and Gloucester Lions. 

This year our second team will be playing in the second division and our third team in the 'freshers league'. 

This season our first team will be playing in the Western Regional league. They will be competing against teams from Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford, Farnborough and Southampton.


Home Games

Our home games this season will be played at
Cranbrook Education Campus,  TIlhouse Road, Cranbrook, EX5 3EE
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SWKA League 1 trophy -  March 2016

Fixtures for 2017/18 Results
Home - Away

Saturday 7th October 2017 - Away

SWKL Super Saturday City Academy
Exeter 2 vs Horfield 3

Seconds: 0: 10

The second team won 10:4, but because Horfield 3 failed to field a legal team they won 10:0 by default.

Sunday 15th October 2017 - Home

15:15 Cranbrook Ed. Cam.
Exeter 1 vs Cardiff City & Met
Exeter 2 vs Exeter Uni 2

Firsts: 18:23

Seconds: 23:4

Two great games - lots of goals all round.

Saturday 21st October 2017 - Away

Exeter 2 vs Bristol City 2

Seconds: 13:13

Amazing play from the ECKC seconds today. Great work to get a draw against a strong Bristol City 2 team.

Sunday 29th October 2017 - Away

13:00 City Academy, Bristol
Exeter 1 vs Bristol Thunder 1

Firsts: 25:12

A good game against a strong opposition. We were neck and neck for the first 15 minutes and never stopped fighting.

Saturday 11th November 2017 - Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Cam

Exeter 2 vs Gloucester Lions 2
Exeter 1 vs Farnborough Jets

Seconds: 13:8

Firsts: 13:19

Another convincing win for the second team and a hard fought match for the firsts.

Saturday 18th November 2017 Away

17:15  Rye St Antony School, Pullens Ln, Oxford, OX3 0BY
Exeter 1 vs Oxford City

Firsts: 17:7

Another defeat for the firsts, but everyone had a good day out despite the score and not getting home until after midnight! We stopped at a pub on the way home to refuel and educate the locals about korfball.

Saturday 25th November 2017 - Away

12:00 - City Academy, Bristol
Exeter 2 vs Thunder 4
Sunday 26th November 2017 - Home 

13:30 Cranbrook Ed. Cam.
Exeter 1 vs Southampton Spartans
Note - this game could move to a different weekend

Seconds: 6:14

Firsts: 24: 13
Another convincing win for the second team and the first win of the season for the first team. Southampton turned up with only 7 players and Exeter took full advantage of the situation to win by a comfortable margin.

Saturday 2nd December -  Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Cam.
Exeter 2 vs Bristol City 3
Exeter 1 vs Bristol City 1

Seconds: 10:0

Firsts: 20:12

A similar situation to last week. The seconds won by default as Bristol City 3 failed to turn up. Thanks to Exeter Uni for stepping in at the last minute to give the 2nds a friendly match and a good run around (Exeter City won by 7 goals to 5) .
Bristol City 1 turned up with only three girls (but 5 boys), so it was another 7 vs 8 game. After the practise last week Exeter City 1 again took good advantage of their extra numbers to claim a good win.

Sunday 10th December 2017 - Away

12:30 House of Sport Cardiff
Exeter 1 vs Cardiff Raptors

16:00 Bridgwater College

Exeter 2 vs Taunton

Firsts: 21:17

Seconds: 5:11

A close match for the firsts. They fought hard, but never managed to close the gap. Another good win for the seconds. Some good dynamic movement - so much so that the opposition complained they had blisters by the end of the match!

Saturday 16th December - Home

13:15 Cranbrook Ed. Cam.
Exeter 2 vs Bristol Uni 2
Exeter 1 vs Bristol Thunder 2

Firsts: 21:15

Seconds: 13:7

Another two great wins! A great way to end the first half of the season. There was plenty of celebrating at the Christmas party  afterwards!

Saturday 13th January 2018 - Away

13:15 Gloucester   
Exeter 2 vs Gloucester Lions 2   
Exeter 3 vs Gloucester Lions 3

Seconds: 7:16

Thirds 3:13
The 2nd and 3rd teams had a successful trip to Gloucester with two good wins. The 2nds made a great start to 2018 by not conceding any goals in the first half! Gloucester responded by making numerous substitutions at half time. The 3rds played equally well and didn't concede any goals in their second half - great defense and some good scoring too! Well done all. 

Saturday 20th January 2018 - Away   

12:15 University Sport Park, Main Hall
Exeter 2 vs University of Exeter 2

Seconds: 8:11
A rather tense match against our local rivalls! Exeter City made a strong start, but the Uni team kept up their energy to draw level and then get two goals ahead - much to their excitement! The seconds though kept calm and put into place the moves they had been learning in training to regain the lead and win the match.

Saturday 27th January 2018 - Away

12:30 Cardiff Metropolitan University Cyncoed Campus
Exeter 1 vs Cardiff City and Met 1

Firsts: 17:9

Another tough game for the first. They had the lead early on, but were unable to hold off a strong Cardiff team.

Saturday 27th January 2018 - Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Campus
Exeter 2 vs Bristol City 2
Seconds 12:10 A great result for the second team. They were leading the match and in control of the game the whole way. Bristol City put up a storng fight at the end to close the gap, but some patient attacks by Exeter kept them in the lead.
By beating their main rivals in the league, Exeter 2 are now top of division 2 - as yet unbeaten this season.

Saturday 10th February 2018 - Home

14:30 Cranbrook Ed. Campus
Exeter 1 vs Bristol Thunder 1

Firsts: 10:27

Well played everyone - the score line doesn't reflect all the great effort put in.

Sunday 18th February 2018 - Away

13:45 Oasis Academy, Lordshill, Southampton
Exeter 1 vs Southampton Spartans 1
Firsts: 24: 14Another hard fought match for the 1st team. They came back from 11:1 down and drew the second half

Sunday 18th February 2018 - Away

17:45 Kingsdown Leisure Centre, Bristol
Exeter 2 vs Bristol City 3
Seconds: 9:6An unexpected defect for Exeter 2 . Perhaps the pre match trip to the BRI hospital in search of coffee wasn't the best warm up after all!

Saturday 24th February 2018 - Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Campus
Exeter 2 vs Bristol Thunder 4   
Seconds: 12:4 The seconds were back to their winning form this week with a convincing win against Thunder 4.

Saturday 24th February 2018 - Away

15:15 Farnborough Sixth Form College, Farnborough
Exeter 1 vs Farnborough Jets 1   

Firsts: 17:12

A road trip to Farnborough for the firsts in a minibus ended in a tight fought game, but not quite enough goals to claim a victory.

Saturday 10th March 2018 - Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Campus  - Cancelled 
Exeter 2 vs Horfield 3   

Saturday 17th March 2018 - Home

14:15 Cranbrook Ed. Campus   
Exeter 2 vs Taunton Soul 3   
Exeter 1 vs Oxford City 1
Firsts 14:21

Seconds: 10:0
Exeter 2 were left without an opposition as Taunton 3 defaulted the game due to a lack of players. This gave them an automatic 10:0 victory. With Gloucester drawing with Bristol City 2, Exeter 2 are again in with a chance to win the league. Just one more match to win!
Exeter 1 put up a good fight against Oxford City. They were trying out the static collect that they had been practicing in training recently and made some good scoring opportunities.

Saturday 24th March 2018 - Away

11:00 City Academy - Bristol
Exeter 1 vs Bristol City 1

Merchant's Academy - Bristol - TIme tbc  
Exeter 2 vs University of Bristol 2
Firsts: 30: 13

Seconds: 3:13
The first team played in the morning and suffered a heavy defeat. They were still though in good spirits to cheer on the second team in the afternoon for their last match of the season. The seconds won their match and finished top of the the SWKA2 league. This means they will be promoted to SWKA1 for next season. Well done to all who played and thanks for all the support from the bench.


Saturday 14th April 2018 - Home

14:30 Cranbrook
Exeter 1 vs Cardiff Raptors 1
Firsts: 19:21 A very closely fought game. Exeter had a five goal lead in the second half, but after a Cardiff time out the Raptors made a come back to close the gap. It was a nail bighting second half, but two quick goals for Cardiff just before the whistle meant defeat for our first team.

Saturday 21st April 2018 - Away

12:00 Cardiff House of Sport
Exeter 1 vs Bristol Thunder 2
Firsts: 10:0Thunder 2 forfeited the game to give Exeter 1 a win at the end of the season. The Firsts put up a great performance over the illegal Thunder team that contained several Thunder 1 players. The actual score was 16:19, but everyone played well against some of the best opposition in the league. A great way to finish the season. 



- Under league rules a game played by an illegal side (eg. Second Team match with too many players from the First team) is forfeit 10 - 0.

- Teams will be requested to submit male and female most value player (MVP) for the opposition after every game so the award is more objective than in previous    years.