SWKA Squad for Inter-Areas Competition Announced

February 19, 2015 in SWKA Squad by Michelle

The SWKA squad for the upcoming England Korfball inter-area competition in Bristol has been announced by head coach, Stuart Allcock. Congratulations and good luck to all involved in the 2015 SWKA team.

Anna Bryant (Bristol Thunder), Beth Ryan (Bristol Thunder) – Captain, Emily Thorn (Horfield), Lizzie Tighe (Bristol University), Rebecca Kjaedegaard (Bristol Thunder), Sianne Way (Bristol Thunder)

Alex Forrest (Bristol Thunder), Alfie Freeman (Bristol University), Ben Smith (Bristol University), Cathal Quigley (Bristol Thunder), Daniele Malerba (Bristol City), Jake Cooper (Bristol City), Stuart Hall (Gloucester Lions)

Also, a big thank you to the support team: Coach: Stuart Allcock (Taunton Soul), Shotclock operator: Simon Howse (Bristol City), Jury Member: Jon Tearle (Horfield) and to Sam Billington (Horfield) and Kevin Allen (Bristol Thunder), who will be refereeing from the England Korfball list.

Last but not least, “get well soon!” to Essy King (Bristol University) and Marie Harrison (Bristol City) who were initially selected but have suffered korfing injuries!

by beth

SWKA 3rd at EKA Inter Areas 23 February 2014

February 25, 2014 in SWKA Squad by beth

The squad headed up on the Saturday to ensure we were fresh for the morning ready for our first two games against Norfolk and Yorkshire. The squad led by Neil Taylor (Bristol City), consisted of Rachael Edwards, Jake Cooper (both Bristol City), Beth Ryan, Ruth Campbell, Sianne Way, Jo Futter, Zoe Rose, Dan Thompson (captain), Ramzi Barbir, Angus Davidson and Phil Manavopoulos (All Bristol Thunder).

The morning started against a very good Norfolk team (eventual winners) containing a number of National League players, we matched them goal for goal until 5-5 and then they pulled ahead to 8-5 in the last few minutes to leave the squad disappointed but pleased that they could compete with the best. Next up was Yorkshire where we eventually came out 6-0 winners after a slow start we got into our stride to dominate the game. This placed us 2nd in our group which meant we joined another group with a 1st place finisher and another 2nd placed side.

The second group was with East Midlands and South Midlands, a team with lots of experience and a less experienced side.

We started with East Midlands in a very competitive game whereby we eventually ran out 5-3 winners, which again like the Norfolk game we showed we could live with the best teams at the event and give ourselves a chance of winning those games. Next up was South Midlands which gave us the chance to play the whole squad once we pulled 6-0 ahead before eventually winning 8-1. This placed us in the top four with a semi final to play for a chance in the final.

As with before most games Captain Dan gave the immortal words that this is the most important game of the day and not the previous game, or the one before.

The semi final led to a match up with Kent, which was an incredibly competitive game against more National League players. They went 3-1 up we pulled it back to go 5-3 ahead, before eventually losing out 7-6 to a very late goal. So possibly the first time a South West Squad was genuinely disappointed at not making the final.

It was then time for Coach Neil and Captain Dan to bring the troops back up for one last bit of effort for the 3rd/4th place play off.

The squad started looking tired and even Angus was out jumped in collect for the first time that day and we struggled to get going. East Midlands out for revenge for the loss earlier in the day went into a 3-1 one lead. Coach Neil made a substitution and some tactical changes which led to a heroic come back to win 7-6 with a crazy goal from a levitating but tired Angus to finish 3rd in the best finish ever for a South West squad.

It was a great event, lots of fun and a happy but tired South West squad set off back down to Bristol and Cardiff satisfied after a good weekend.

Goal Scorers – Angus (10), Ramzi (8), Ruth (6), Rachael (4), Phil (2), Jo (2), Dan (2), Sianne (1), Jake (1), Zoe (1)

by beth

SWKA Squad 2013 Announced

February 1, 2013 in SWKA Squad by beth

Coach Neil ‘Vern’ Taylor has announced the squad for the 2013 Interareas to take on the best of British Korfball as the event is being used for trials for the GB Squad at the World Games. He has selected the following players.


Andy Nye – Bristol Thunder

Dan Thompson – Bristol Thunder

Phil Manavopoulos – Bristol Thunder

Jake Cooper – Bristol City

Stuart Hall – Gloucester Lions

James Hardy – Exeter


Rachael Edwards – Bristol City

Marie Harrison – Bristol City

Beth Ryan – Bristol Thunder

Jo Futter – Bristol Thunder

Sophie Slater – Gloucester Lions

Jenny Davis – Gloucester Lions

Good luck to the squad next weekend in Nottingham, also credit to Bristol University as 7 of the squad started their Korfball education with the Badgers just a few years ago.


SWKA Squad for Inter Area announced

February 9, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The 12 players in the core squad for the up-coming Inter Area tournament are:

  • Beth Bennett – Unaffiliated
  • Rachael Edwards – BCKC
  • Sam Febrey – BCKC
  • Jo Futter – Bristol Thunder
  • Stu Hall – Gloucester Lions
  • Marie Harrison – BCKC
  • Mat Hope – BCKC
  • Alan Martin – Exeter City KC
  • Andy Nye – Bristol Thunder
  • Martin Robertson – Horfied KC
  • Beth Ryan – Bristol Thunder
  • Dan Thompson – Bristol Thunder

Coach Kevin Allen has also decided to take the full allowance of players by including four development players. They are:

  • Zaf Jarrah – Bristol Thunder
  • Stewart Kettle – BCKC
  • Sophie Slater – Bristol University
  • Ali White – Taunton Soul
SWKA Squad 2012

The South West Korfball Association Squad for Inter Area 2012


SWKA Squad whittled down to 16

January 23, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The SWKA Squad has been whittled down to 16 players. Thanks to all those who have trialled and congratulations to all those selected. The selection of 16 is:

  • Mat Hope – Bristol City
  • Beth Bennett – Unaffiliated
  • Andy Nye – Bristol Thunder
  • Sam Febrey-  Bristol City
  • Martin Robertson – Horfield
  • Jo Futter – Bristol Thunder
  • Dan Thompson – Bristol Thunder
  • Rachael Edwards – Bristol City
  • Stu Hall – Gloucester Lions
  • Beth Ryan – Bristol Thunder
  • Zaf Jarrah – Bristol Thunder
  • Sophie Slater – Bristol University
  • Stewart Kettle – Bristol City
  • Alison White – Taunton Soul
  • Alan Martin – Exeter
  • Marie Harrison – Bristol City

SWKA vs Wales, take II

January 12, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

This Sunday (15th January), a SWKA Squad will face our old foes once again, the Wales National team, in a friendly match as preparation for the upcoming Inter Area tournament. The match will take place at the City Academy, Bristol, starting at 12.30pm. The squad to face Wales is:

Mat Hope, Bristol City

Zaf Jarrah, Bristol Thunder

Stewart Kettle, Bristol City

Phil Manavopoulos, Bristol Thunder

Andy Nye, Bristol Thunder

Rob Samm, Horfield


Rachael Edwards, Bristol City

Jo Futter, Bristol Thunder

Marie Harrison, Bristol City

Beth Ryan, Bristol Thunder

Sophie Slater, Bristol University

Ali White, Taunton Soul

Invitees to first SWKA Squad training session announced

January 6, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The players listed below have all been selected to participate in the forthcoming SWKA Squad training session at the City Academy in Bristol, on Sat 7th January, at 12pm.

Rich Cooper Bristol City
Stu Hall Gloucester Lions
Mat Hope Bristol City
Zaf Jarrah Bristol Thunder
Stuart Kettle Bristol City
Phil Manavopoulos Bristol Thunder
Alan Martin Exeter
Andy Nye Bristol Thunder
Martin Robertson Horfield
Rob Samms Horfield
Dan Thompson Bristol Thunder
Beth Bennett Unaffiliated
Kathy Burdett Horfield
Jenny Davis Bristol University
Rachael Edwards Bristol City
Hannah Evans Gloucester Lions
Sam Febrey Bristol City
Jo Futter Bristol Thunder
Marie Harrison Bristol City
Sianne Large Bristol Thunder
Heather Probert Horfield
Beth Ryan Bristol Thunder
Sophie Slater Bristol University
Alison White Taunton

Invitations for SWKA Squad Training Session sent out!

January 3, 2012 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

Members should keep an eye on your inboxes for an invitation to a SWKA Squad training sessions on Saturday 7th January, from 12-2pm, at the Bristol City Academy. The session is preparation for the EKA Inter Area tournament and will be run by guest coach, Beth Bennett.

SWKA Squad to face Wales, September 24th 2011

September 24, 2011 in SWKA Squad by matjhope

The SWKA Squad to face Wales in a  friendly match as part of the Welsh squad’s World Cup warm-up preparations has been announced.

The squad is:

Mat Hope (Bristol City), Andy Nye (Bristol Thunder), Phil Manavopolous (Bristol Thunder), Martin Robertson (Horfield), Rich Cooper (Bristol City), Rachael Edwards (Bristol City), Beth Ryan (Bristol Thunder), Sophie Slater (Bristol University), Jenny Davis (Bristol Uni), Hannah Cockerill (Bristol City) and Robyn Fowler (Gloucester Uni).

The match takes place at Cardiff University Sports Training Village, Talybont, Cardiff. The match starts at 2 pm.